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We help companies and organizations to raise funds on calls for projects. We bring them inventiveness of a tale and soundness of mathematics and make them our long-term friends.

We design project proposals and concept business plans, apply projects to calls for financing and consult on its implementation. What can we do for you?

Project administration and implementation consulting

Project administration and implementation consulting

Successfully implemented project needs efficient communication with partners, management of project outcomes, meticulous administration and finance, approved interim and final reports. It would be a shame if report is denied because of Excel knowhow shortage and bureaucracy. Hey, we can help. Contact us, everything will be OK.

 Applying to calls for projects

Applying to calls for projects

We can take over the process of applying to calls for projects. We will develop project base, create and gather needed documentation and submit the final proposal.

 Design of project proposal

Design of project proposal

Every project, aiming to raise funds on calls for projects, needs its own innovative tale and sound mathematics. You know the nature of your working activities best, and our goal will be to design them in clear and interesting project with potential to raise funds.

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We work with 10+ regular clients in Slovenia and in Europe.

Invoice Exchange

Invoice ExchangeSuccessful application of the Invoice Exchange, peer-to-peer banking, project to Horizon 2020 SME Instrument for the company Borza terjatev, d.o.o.

Student Association Kranj

Student Association KranjSuccessful application of Week of Youth project to Office for Youth Slovenia grant.

Chamber of commerce Kranj

Chamber of commerce KranjConsulting to their target groups for applications to Business fund scheme.

Youth Association Marindolus

Youth Association MarindolusSuccessful application of project Youth camp Marindol to grants of local community and Office for Youth Slovenia grants. Successful cooperation in Erasmus+ mobility project. Coordination and administration of projects.

SCCA Ljubljana

Zavod SCCA LjubljanaSuccessful application of World of Art project to Swiss mechanism grant. Successful application of projects to Culture Ministry grants. Design and administration of projects.


MedicollSuccessful application of Medicoll project (Digital support for emergency medicine) on a RRI2 grant (similar to the technological part of SME Instrument phase 2).

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Why Tale and Mathematics? We appreciate inspiration the same as logic, and tale of the project the same as its mathematics. More about us.

Tale and Mathematics is probably everything your project needs to have success on public calls. If you know what we're saying, we could team up perfectly.

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We would love to know more about your work.
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