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We design project proposals and concept business plans, apply projects to calls for financing and consult on its implementation. What can we do for you?

Project administration and implementation consulting

Project administration and implementation consultingSelection for financing on call for projects is merely a beginning. To be successfully implemented, project also needs efficient communication with partners, management of project outcomes, meticulous administration and finance, approved interim and final reports. In most times, only after all that is checked, you can expect to get remaining balance from granting body.

Project implementation has to be run according to rules and demands of respective call and submitted project application. We can advise you at doing that. Maybe you will not be able to reach some of project goals with planned activity, or your partner suddenly decides to quit the project. What to do? Will you return raised funds? Hey, maybe some other activity can also reach the goal and you can probably engage some other partner, proving to be even more appropriate in the end.

We can also help administrating the project. It would be a great shame if for example an interim report is denied because of small details, such as wrongly set budget item or inappropriate reimbursement of otherwise eligible travel cost. We agree that project idea is infinitely larger than Excel tables and bureaucratic mindset, but it also has to be taken into account.
Will because of such risks you endanger your start-up innovation and entrepreneurial spirit? Educational camp for socially deprived youth? International theater co-production with finally confirmed world-class director? Investment in new equipment, planned to boost your business?

Why won’t you rather contact us. Administration can be our concern, and engaging us in consulting means that besides you there is another one looking for solutions. And that you’re not alone. Everything will be OK.

Applying to calls for projects

 Applying to calls for projects Applying to calls for projects is a process, where we will drink a lot of coffee with you. During these meetings, though, we will be demanding, meticulous and effective. We will ask questions about your work and activities, its goals and meanings, your target groups and partners. Based on this data we will define project base, create and gather needed documentation and submit it on the respective calls. Calls, not call, because in the end your project will be meaningful to more than just one topic.

All calls and grants follow similar logic, but each has its own specific aims, program topics and financial rules. On some, you can apply as the sole candidate, on others international partners consortium is needed. Some ask you to present logical framework with clear matching of idea-goals-activities, their success benchmarks and respective costs, others want you to illustrate your innovation within priorities of a call, and depict how it can be deployed on markets.

You can accomplish all that on your own, all you need is time and competent know-how. If that is not a problem, you can ask us only to assess final application, after you complete the proposal. If you don’t have the time and competences, we do. We can take over the whole process: we will find appropriate financing option, develop project base, help searching for partners and create all necessary documentation. What makes a successful project? It has to realize innovative tale an base on reliable mathematics. Do you want more?

Design of project proposal

 Design of project proposal Every project, aiming to raise funds on calls for projects, needs great vision, creative conceptual base, innovation beyond the state-of-the-art (= a tale) on one hand, and logical structure, down-to-earth matching of activities and impacts and sound financial scheme (= mathematics) on the other. The design of project proposal is our unique process, where we merge the tale and the mathematics of the project with demands and priorities of respective call.

Do you have time to create project proposal yourself? If yes, we would like to have a cup of coffee with you and share multi-tasking experiences. If not, let’s meet over coffee anyway and talk about how can we help you. There are a lot of perfect projects, but they don’t necessarily fit in call priorities. There are also a lot of almost perfect projects, which need only slight modification from outside of project team to be successful. In the end, even less than 1 point can be the difference between gain and pain.

Let’s rather cooperate and see your options through together. For sure, you know the nature of your working activities best, and our goal will be to design them in clear and interesting project with potential to raise funds.

We would love to know more about your work.
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